Some things you might find useful:

Evolution  Calendar to html (evo2html)

New on 1-06-2005!

evo2html is a(nother) perl script that converts your evolution task list (held in an ics file) to some nice html.  The html output is customisable with a template file.  This is really simple to use! I suggest you try it ot and let me know how it goes!

Proxomitron Clone

Updated on 1-06-2005!

Coming up soon is my clone of the proxomitron.  The proxomitron is a web filter created by Scott R. Lemmon, but is sadly no longer maintained.  My idea 'clones' the proxomitron in perl.  Initially this will work on linux, but being perl I'm hoping porting to other OS's will be easy...

The "proxclone" (have a better name?  email it to me - see below) now works well as a transparant proxy.  It also reads basic header in and out filters from a proxomitron .cfg file and filters accordingly.  The next step is to get the more tricky header filters working (with match and replace text) and them move onto body filters.

Gentoo Linux

Customising Gentoo (and other flavours of linux) for use on a Dell Inspiron 9100.

Alsa section updated on 1-06-2005!


efetch-wrapper is a tool to extend Gentoo's wget fetching, by using ssh, rsync, etc.


config-rename is a perl script that renames Gentoo's config files from ._cfg... to their correct name.

I wrote this before I knew of the "Gentoo Way" of doing things, so its behaviour is similar to dispatch-conf and etc-update, however, there are problems with both of those, so I still use my version (it's very simple :)

New Version released on 1-06-2005!


updates - a tool to update an nrh-up2date server with the latest rpms, and generate all necessary files for serving them.
RedHat's up2date is obsoleted [opinion] by apt and yum, so this tool hasn't been touched in a while

The downloads are all available here.

Coming soon


You can email me at <iaindb at netspace dot net dot au>

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