Linux on a Dell

Inspiron 9100


First, a nice table listing whats working and whats not.  Wow, everything works under linux! (well, mostly :) (straight to contents)

method 1
method 2
Video Card (ATI)
ATI binary drivers
Broadcom open source
Wireless Ethernet
yes open source wrapper + binary windows drivers

Infra Red
native + infrared userspace tools

yes native + userspace tools

Sound Card
yes native + alsa userspace tools

yes native + bluetooth userspace tools

yes native

yes native

DVD burner
yes native

yes third party licensed linux driver

yes native

Why does that table make me feel sick?!

native linux drivers
These drivers are part of a recent vanilla (from linux kernel.  Few linux distributions should have problems installing and getting them to work.  They may already be compiled and included.
open source driver
These drivers are the next best thing to a native kernel driver.  In fact, some kernel code may even be based on them.
third party drivers
These drivers must be downloaded from a third party site (although some distributions may include them).  If they were open souce the world would be a happy place, but they're not evil!
binary or closed drivers
These drivers usually have binary and source parts, but the binary parts are often hidden from the open source community, or licenses prevent developers from building on code and prividing more features / improvements.  Try another option unless you don't have a choice.
not tried / not working
Check back sometime in the future!

Please note that I haven't finished adding the individual how-to's.
  This is online so that you at least know if it does / does not work.
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