9. Audio

The audio chip is an integrated Intel(R)  82801EB/ER.  Using alsa, the laptop speakers and the headphone output use different volumes.  You can also control the level of the mic input separately to the outputs.

I also just discovered that you can adjust the subwoofer volume independantly of the laptop speakers, which gives you quite a decent sound for a laptop.  If you're not sure which battery you've got, the subwoofer version has a round circle of holes in it (look underneath your laptop).  I don't know whether the non-subwoofer version has the holes or not.

John provided these scripts for controlling alsa on his laptop.  Let me know what you think.

Dell Picking Slip Integrated Stereo Sound (Intel(R) 865PE Chipset)
Linux identified as (lspci) 0000:00:1f.5 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corp. 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 02)
driver linux kernels snd_intel8x0, alsa-utils 1.0.9
use frequent
Speakers, Headphone, Mic input (digital audio out)

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