10. Bluetooth

I didn't originally order the bluetooth option, however I purchased it from Dell after I had the laptop.  The original price was about an extra AUD$90.00, however purchased separately, they charged about AUD$20.00!

I preferred this option to buying a USB bluetooth stick, because the dell bluetooth add-on fits inside the laptop (under the battery) and lights up the bluetooth LED when enabled.  It was surprisingly small - about 3cm x 1.5cm or so.  The plug hidden under the battery must be just another USB port, as the bluetooth device shows up as a USB device when plugged in.

I tested the bluetooth functionality with a friends bluetooth keyboard, from his Dell Axiom PDA.  It worked well throughout the office well beyond 10m (even through a few thin walls).

Dell Picking Slip (not on original order)
Linux identified as (lspci) N/A (USB device)
driver linux kernels hidp and hci_usb, bluez-libs and bluez-utils 2.17
use infrequent

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